Turbo Ventilators

Ventum wind driven turbine ventilator is driven by natural horizontal wind and vertical airflow caused by temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Due to the scientific design of vanes, turbine ventilator can even be driven under breeze. The rotating turbine head will produce centrifugal force, which exhaust the hot air, fume, humidity. As air exhausts, negative pressure zone will be formed under the turbinehead where fresh air could get into constantly. The turbine head keeps on rotating which achieves the purpose of venting and exhausting.


Static natural ventilator does not revolve, but it can exchange and improve the indoor air flow. It can exhaust hot or moist out by temperature differential between indoor and outdoor. This product is no energy cost, and environmental friendly. It is applied in stadium, warehouse, workshop, farmhouse, indoor parking garage. As static ventilator does not revolve, it looks balanced, quiet, no vibration and provides longer service life. Static ventilators are very popula and chosen by architects and users.


  1. All aluminum alloy construction
  2. Anodic oxidation or powder coating on aluminum alloy- long term anti- corrosive and durability.
  3. Aluminum alloy section bar for internal support, anodic oxidation on the surface of section bar.
  4. Aluminum alloy rivets, EPDM sealing ring are fit on top rivets for sealing and waterproof.
  5. Reasonable design provides for excellent air flow, ventilation coefficient achieves 1:1.
  6. Its design prevents rain and snow from entering inside.
  7. Rustproof anti-bird mesh is available inside.
  8. Varipitch design allows easy DIY installation and suitable for roofs with any angles.
  9. Cyclone region rating is available.


Diameter of Neck

Height of Ventilator

Diameter of Vent Head

Height of Neck
Base Flashing (mm)
Number of Vanes
300 300 440 460 190 500*500 2 2.1
500 500 460 700 190 700*800 2 4.3
700 700 725 980 290 1000*1000 3 9.4